There is little in the world as divine as chocolate, unless we consider the almond. What providence it is that these two things compliment each other so readily.

Truer words were never spoken. Chocolate is a delicious substance that has been loved and lauded by every tier of society from the poorest to the richest. Kings have traded for it, and men have killed for it, and even Gods have bowed for it. The almond is equally revered, referred to in the Bible as being “among the best of fruits.” Chocolate With Almonds Day celebrates the coming together of these two substances.

History of Chocolate With Almonds Day

Let us begin exploring its history in alphabetical order, shall we? The almond was spoken highly of in the Bible, and finds its origins in the Middle East. There it has been used as a source of food, medicine, and decoration for time out of mind. They are easily harvested from within the almond fruit, and are now grown extensively in California, and is the subject of the largest managed cultivation in the entire world of agriculture. That’s how important this humble tree nut is.

Chocolate is easily one of the most popular substances to every enter the world. It has been seen as a solution for sorrow and a great compliment for joy, and literally contains the stuff of love, at least chemically. Chocolate is used as a way to demonstrate your love for another and has been used in just about every culinary combination you could imagine. Its diversity is well loved, as well as its adaptability.

Chocolate With Almonds Day celebrates what happens when these two fantastic ingredients come together into one mind-bendingly delicious whole.

How to celebrate Chocolate With Almonds Day

Find your favorite source of chocolate drenched almonds and indulge your tastes appropriately! Snickers now makes a bar with almonds, as does Hershey’s with their almond variation on their traditional chocolate bar. But it can go so much further than this. Try your own hand at making a special Chocolate With Almonds Day treat.

Take some almonds and clean them thoroughly, salt them, and put them on a cookie sheet. Place them in the oven and roast them at 450 until lightly browned. While they’re roasting melt down the milk chocolate in a double boiler, add a sprinkle of cayenne pepper, and stir thoroughly. Then you just take the roasted almonds from the oven, allow them to cool, and toss them in the bowl until coated. Place on wax paper to let the chocolate harden and enjoy!

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